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High-Wattage Ceramic Mh Lamp

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Lights & Lighting

High-Wattage Ceramic Mh Lamp
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Product description : Ceramic MH lamp is a new HID lamp with superior performance to the HPS and crystal MH lamp.
As the arc tube of ceramic MH lamp is made of the transparent tube, it has superior advantages:
A The ceramic tube can withstand higher temperature, therefore the lamp will be able to work at higher wattage with better efficiency and lighting color.
B The ceramic tube can withstand the corrosion of halogen and alkali to achieve the better stability of lighting and long lifetime.
C The size of the ceramic tube can be maintained precisely during manufacturing so that the lamp is uniform.

A Imported arc tube
B High lighting efficiency
C long lifetime
D high lumen maintenance rate
E high coloring index
F uniform lighting color
G Good dimming performance
H Good lighting layout

Application: Sports stadium, exhibition center, shopping mall, amusement field, mining, roadway, airport and square, etc.
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