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High quality copper strip products from audited China copper strip suppliers and copper strip manufacturers are listed below, please look into them and select the suitable copper strip suppliers for you

China copper strip

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  • Copper Strip  

    PAPER INSULATED COPPER STRIP is a type of winding wire made by oxygen-free copper strip or electric round aluminum strip drew or rolled by certain dimension module and ... >>>

    Shanghai Yangming Metal Factory    
  • Copper Strip  

    Standard: GB/ASTM/JIS K2513-2000 /DIN 51811-1991 Grade: T2, TU1, TU2/C11000, C10200, C10100/C1100, C1020, C1011/E-CU58, OF-CU Temper: T, Y, Y2, Y4, M Thickness: 0.05mm~... >>>

    Shanghai Kairui Copper Co., Ltd.    

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