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  • Flash Drier Series GQ  

      Product Characteristics:   ◆Large intensity of drying strength, high thermal efficiency, large throughput.   ◆Shorter drying time, suitable for heat-sens... >>>

    Hangzhou Zhengchu Trade Co.,ltd.    
  • Spin Flash Drier  

      Product Characteristics:   ◆Drying viscous materials: The lower part of the drier is cone structure with a broken device together with the washing of wall by t... >>>

    Hangzhou Zhengchu Trade Co.,ltd.    
  • DW Belt Drier  

      Uses: Belt drier is used for mass production of continuous drying equipment for the drying of sheet, strip pellet material with better ventilation property, especial... >>>

    Hangzhou Zhengchu Trade Co.,ltd.    
  • Air-flow Spray Drier  

      Product Characteristics:   ◆Be able to deal with the solution, suspension, paste and corrosive, high hardness materials, etc.   ◆Easy to use, reliable an... >>>

    Hangzhou Zhengchu Trade Co.,ltd.    

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